Lee Wasserman

President & CEO

Mr. Wasserman is a 30-year nationally recognized environmental industry leader who specializes in property-oriented issues. Few in the industry have more years of environmental field and management experience than Mr. Wasserman. He is currently the founding CEO and President of LEW Environmental, which was established in 1991. During his two decades of environmental experience, Mr. Wasserman has performed municipal, commercial and residential inspections, monitored projects and conducted risk management assessments, created management and abatement programs and O&M plans, conducted industry training, and completed all types of remediation. His extensive experience and expertise in the environmental field, coupled with his well-recognized and seasoned team, has made Mr. Wasserman a nationally sought-out environmental industry expert, consultant, trainer and remediation contractor. Mr. Wasserman has worked on thousands of multi-family housing units, private residential homes, schools, houses of worship, daycare facilities, military sites, industrial and commercial facilities, universities and healthcare entities, and has successfully completed assignments for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington DC, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and numerous housing authorities. He was a key member of the HUD Task Force committee for “EFFECTIVE AND TIMELY IMPLEMENTATION OF SECTION 1012/1013 OF TITLE X” and was requested and is recognized by HUD Washington to be one of only several national examiners of The HUD Guidelines (May 2012 ver.). Mr. Wasserman was requested to write “Mold – What Every Professional Real Estate Manager needs to know. (IREM 2004).” LEW Corp. and Mr. Wasserman have been 3 time recipients of the NJ Apartment Association Presidents’ award and additionally has been awarded the NYC prestigious ABO Emma Lazarus award. Mr. Wasserman receives regular requests to speak about environmental concerns for both private and public entities as well as many of the media outlets (NY Times, Good Morning America, CNBC, Good Housing keeping, HUD, EPA, GA). As a nationally selected HUD trainer, was one of the first to train the federally required LSWP & RRP Rule. LEW Environmental has successfully trained tens of thousands of participants in multiple environmental regulatory requirements and disciplines.