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Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health in New Jersey

Indoor Air Quality and Mold in New Jersey

Indoor air pollution, or “sick building syndrome,” has received a great deal of attention in recent years in New Jersey. LEW Environmental’s staff of industrial hygienists and environmental health science professionals determines what conditions could be contributing to mold, fungi growth and poor indoor air quality (IAQ). After assessing your structure, we make recommendations and take action to achieve good IAQ and protect the health of occupants and visitors in New Jersey.

The LEW Environmental team is skilled in using qualitative and quantitative techniques in New Jersey, and state-of-the-art equipment to identify the cause of stale air and disagreeable odors, along with eye, nose and throat irritation. Contributors may include:

  • Humidity, mold and mildew
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Excessive dust or allergens
  • Naturally occurring gases
  • Combustion gases
  • Pesticides
  • Fibrous dust
  • Heavy metal dust
  • Formaldehyde
  • Organic compounds

To determine the cause of poor indoor air quality, LEW Environmental uses investigative sampling, information & data collection, personnel & resident interviews, ventilation system inspections, and visual inspections in New Jersey. LEW Environmental air quality offerings also include treatment and remediation of fungi & mold growth, as well as thorough HVAC duct cleaning in New Jersey.

Lead-Based Paint in New Jersey

Lead-based paint has become one of our country’s most highly regulated environmental issues. Because of its widespread use prior to 1978, lead-based paint may be found in residential, public, commercial, and industrial structures in New Jersey. LEW Environmental is one of the founding companies in the field of lead testing and remediation services, and is known throughout the U.S. as a pioneer and expert. Our team conducts environmental surveys for lead-based paint, as well as identifying associated lead-based paint hazards in dust, soil and water in New Jersey. We are also versed in writing lead abatement specifications, conducting lead abatement monitoring, and performing lead abatement activities in New Jersey.

LEW Environmental has performed thousands of lead inspections, site assessments and abatement projects. Using the most modern and proven procedures, we design environmentally effective, affordable solutions to meet client needs in New Jersey. With years of experience in the environmental lead field, LEW Environmental has become an industry teacher with established regulatory relationships and a vast knowledge of industry products. LEW Environmental conducts all of its environmental lead services in accordance with applicable New Jersey and federal regulations. All of our technicians are trained, licensed and experienced for each environmental concern they handle in New Jersey.

Asbestos in New Jersey

Millions of commercial, public and private structures include asbestos-containing materials in New Jersey. From the basement to the rooftop, it’s likely that asbestos could be present. This hazardous material can be found on furnaces and heating systems, door gaskets, pipe insulation, wall and ceiling materials, vinyl floor tiles, sheet flooring, patching compounds and textured paints, roofing shingles, sidings, appliances, and equipment located throughout your structure. Asbestos is not always easy to locate, and cannot be conclusively identified by the human eye.

LEW Environmental’s environmental professionals are trained in sampling and identifying potential asbestos-containing materials in New Jersey. Asbestos services include surveys, sampling, air monitoring, consulting and remediation. Our environmental professionals have the appropriate training, experience and necessary licenses to safely address asbestos issues in New Jersey. All samples collected by LEW Environmental are analyzed by an accredited laboratory, and handled under a strict quality control program to assure the safety of our clients and the integrity of our services. Whether it is two linear feet of asbestos pipe insulation or thousands of square feet of asbestos plaster and spray-on fireproofing, LEW Environmental assists clients with proper and safe identification, handling and disposal of asbestos-containing materials in New Jersey.

Geotechnical Remediation in New Jersey

High-quality geotechnical services are vital to property acquisition, facility expansion, construction processes and violation correction in New Jersey. Protecting the safety and financial interests of our clients, LEW Environmental provides full-service geotechnical services for homeowners, facility managers, business owners and municipal entities throughout New Jersey.

When you partner with LEW Environmental, our geotechnical specialists offer in-depth field testing, soil and water sampling, monitoring and site remediation in New Jersey. Collaborating with local, state and federal agencies and their applicable guidelines, the LEW Environmental team also provides reports, documentation, technical assistance and support for projects of all sizes and scopes. LEW Environmental addresses hundreds of fuel oil tank problems for clients every year in New Jersey.

Previous project experience includes residential developments, commercial facilities (restaurants, retail centers and office buildings), factories and warehouses, school campuses, and places of worship in New Jersey.

LEW Environmental’s geotechnical remediation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site inspections
  • Soil and water testing
  • Work plans & subsurface evaluations
  • Above-ground and underground storage tank investigations, installation and removal
  • Monitoring, sampling & reporting for soil, soil vapor and ground water treatments
  • Formulation of health & safety plans and feasibility studies
  • General contracting
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP)

Environmental Remediation in New Jersey

An industry leader in environmental remediation, LEW Environmental addresses the most complex remediation and consulting needs of residential, commercial and municipal clients throughout New Jersey. Specialties include mold, lead-based paint and asbestos mitigation in residential and commercial facilities of all sizes in New Jersey. Focused on your health, safety and financial interests, LEW Environmental follows strict abatement requirements to ensure that each hazardous substance is managed and removed from your structure in the safest, most environmentally conscious manner.

Mold Remediation in New Jersey

In addition to lowering property value, the presence of mold aggravates allergies and often leads to upper respiratory distress for New Jersey residents. LEW Environmental’s mold remediation services include removal of mold growth and airborne spores that can infiltrate all areas of your home or office in New Jersey—and even impact your structure’s integrity. Adhering to industry-leading containment methods, LEW Environmental mold specialists clean the air and restore the health of your New Jersey home or facility.

Lead-Based Paint Remediation in New Jersey

A source of lead poisoning for both children and adults, lead-based paint has been found to impact both physical and neurological health in New Jersey. Depending upon your facility requirements, LEW Environmental’s lead-based paint remediation includes total lead paint removal, stabilization, enclosure or encapsulation in New Jersey. All containment and abatement services are designed to eliminate lead exposure and preserve the health of occupants, personnel and visitors living in New Jersey.

Asbestos Remediation in New Jersey

Asbestos is present in many older buildings in New Jersey, causing a number of threatening health issues when left unaddressed. To safeguard town occupants and ensure that your facility complies with health & safety codes, LEW Environmental environmental specialists offer efficient, cost-effective asbestos remediation that includes containment, removal and air purification. Our removal methods are among the most technologically advanced in the industry, and are designed to meet regulatory guidelines and decontaminate exposed areas in New Jersey.

Environmental Management in New Jersey

Site Assessments in New Jersey

An environmental site assessment in New Jersey is one of the primary building blocks of a healthy property acquisition or refinance. Emphasizing the quality of our data reviews, site research and investigative techniques, the LEW Environmental team provides detailed findings, recommendations and suggested plans of action for New Jersey residents. These results allow clients to make informed, educated property decisions—while saving them time and money.

LEW Environmental’s environmental site assessments are well received and considered comprehensive by the banking and real-estate communities. Phase I ESAs completed by LEW Environmental comply with the most recent American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527E standard, as well as EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule. We will customize the Phase I ESA report to fulfill the specific requirements of our client and lending institution.

This investigation strategy maximizes the information that you obtain for a given property and minimizes your ultimate liability.

Geotechnical Services Health in New Jersey

Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks in New Jersey

Storage tanks have become a major concern when buying, selling, refinancing or maintaining property in New Jersey. LEW Environmental specializes in identifying, testing and remediating tanks to determine whether an active or out-of-service tank system is leaking. LEW Environmental also provides assistance with tank testing, which should always be performed prior to signing contracts. Our ability to produce accurate test results with fast turnaround times allows customers a prompt, efficient level of confidence. Whether your tank is above or below ground, LEW Environmental offers accurate results and tank-handling recommendations.

LEW Environmental’s environmental professionals are seasoned in performing all appropriate tank testing in New Jersey, including: visual inspection, corrosion/rusting testing, soil borings, and precision tests.

Whether you need a geologist, sub surface evaluator or licensed site remediation professional (LSRP), LEW Environmental has the experience you expect and deserve.

Training Services in New Jersey

LEW Environmental offers a full range of health and safety, and environmental courses, taught by qualified instructors in New Jersey. Participants receive training required by regulatory agencies to perform work in the general industry, construction industry, and environmental workplace. We can provide these courses at our state-of-the-art training center or at the client’s on-site location. Many of these courses can be tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. To meet our objective of providing the highest quality training available, members of the training staff receive frequent training in new regulations and state-of-the-art environmental technology. As experienced professionals, they know and understand the need for high quality training in the fast paced, ever-changing environmental field in New Jersey.

LEW Environmental offers private training in New Jersey for:

  • Lead-safe work practices
  • OSHA initial and 8 hour refresher
  • Mold Awareness
  • Legislation information
  • Lead-safe building maintenance
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Many more disciplines

Our experienced, credentialed instructors will travel to your location for customized, private training.  Click here for detailed information about our course offerings.