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Common Lead Paint Myth: Lead Paint in Homes and Schools is Not a Big Problem

July 6, 2023

In recent years, lead-based paint may not be on many people’s radars, but there are still some risks to be aware of. Older homes and schools tend to be high-risk because during their construction there was no federal ban on lead-based paint. As these buildings get older and their paint starts to deteriorate, people are faced with potential lead poisoning... Read More

Common Lead Paint Myth: Only Children are at Risk from Lead Poisoning

May 25, 2023

Children are most likely to get lead poisoning from lead paint through hand-to-mouth activity, as they’re playing inside or outside of the house. Teenagers are at risk if they live with an adult who’s exposed to lead at work, tracking it into the house through their clothing or shoes. Both groups are highly sensitive and need extra guidance to avoid... Read More

New Jersey’s Lead Free vs Lead Safe Certification

October 7, 2022

A Quick Reference Guide for NJ Landlords By now, many New Jersey landlords have received a letter from their town or have heard about New Jersey’s new lead-based paint regulations.  New Jersey’s newest lead-based paint law, went into effect July 22, 2022 and directly targets ALL pre-1978 rental properties. In addition to new lead paint inspection intervals, New Jersey also... Read More

Lead Laws to Heed: LEW Brings Us Up To Speed

September 29, 2022

This is the one podcast every NYC property owner needs to hear! New York City has enacted stringent lead-based paint compliance and the experts at LEW Environmental sat down with the host of the popular podcast, Realty Speaks to share their knowledge of all things lead.   In New York City, the ongoing changes to existing protocols create additional confusion. In... Read More

Get Ahead of Lead

September 13, 2022

What To Do If You’re A NJ Landlord With Lead-Based Paint Hazards If you’re a New Jersey landlord or property owner then by now we’re sure you’ve heard about NJ’s new lead-based paint regulations from the Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA).  If you’re a property owner or landlord who suspects or is aware of lead-based paint hazards in your unit... Read More