EPA RRP Enforcement Increasing

November 1, 2013 1:14 pm

It has been almost two years since the EPA’s RRP Rule became law, and many of us hear the same question every day.  Where is the EPA enforcement?  This question was answered for us recently when the EPA showed up at our door to audit, not only a scheduled Dust Technician class, but also our training records.

Upon thorough review of our records, they were satisfied and impressed with our ability to maintain the proper records as required.   Furthermore, the EPA agent conducting the audit mentioned that LEW Environmental had set the standard that all other training providers will need to follow.

But it is now clear we aren’t the only ones being audited.  In the last few weeks the EPA has released multiple press releases about RRP Enforcement.  Follow the links to go to the EPA’s press release.

Conn. And Mass. Based Landlords Face Fines for Failing to Notify Tenants about Lead Paint

  • “Mr. Hernandez faces an EPA penalty of up to $127,150 for violating federal lead paint disclosure rules”

EPA Fines Violators of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule

  • “Colin Wentworth, a rental property owner who was responsible for building operation and maintenance, agreed to pay $10,000 to resolve violations of the RRP rule.”
  • “On March 20, 2012, Valiant Home Remodelers, a New Jersey window and siding company, agreed to pay $1,500 to resolve violations from failing to follow the RRP rule” 
  • “On February 21, 2012, Johnson Sash and Door, a home repair company located in Omaha, Neb., agreed to pay a $5,558 penalty for failing to provide the owners or occupants of housing built prior to 1978 with an EPA-approved lead hazard information pamphlet or to obtain a written acknowledgement prior to commencement of renovation activities at five homes.”

EPA Cites Realty Company for Violating Federal Law on Notice of Lead-based Paint Hazards in Reading, Pa.

  • “EPA will propose a penalty for these alleged violations after giving the company an opportunity to respond to the complaint. However, the complaint notes that the statutory maximum penalty for violations of the Disclosure Rule is$11,000 per violation. Crespo has the right to a hearing to contest the alleged violations.”

As a resource, educational center, and partner to the regulated community, we strongly believes that knowledge is power. We felt it imperative to inform you of this and urge you to GET READY NOW.

Record keeping is essential and could play a huge part in enforcement.  We are asking everyone, “Are you ready for your audit?”  Do you think the EPA will find your records acceptable and in compliance with the 40 CFR Part 745 requirements?  If you cannot answer this questions with a definitive, “Yes,” we are happy to assist you and prepare you before the EPA comes knocking.