Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

An industry leader in environmental remediation, LEW Environmental addresses the most complex remediation and consulting needs of residential, commercial and municipal clients throughout the Northeast and around the U.S. Specialties include mold, lead-based paint and asbestos mitigation in residential and commercial facilities of all sizes. Focused on your health, safety and financial interests, LEW Environmental follows strict abatement requirements to ensure that each hazardous substance is managed and removed from your structure in the safest, most environmentally conscious manner.

Mold Remediation

In addition to lowering property value, the presence of mold aggravates allergies and often leads to upper respiratory distress. LEW Environmental’s mold remediation services include removal of mold growth and airborne spores that can infiltrate all areas of your home or office—and even impact your structure’s integrity. Adhering to industry-leading containment methods, LEW Environmental mold specialists clean the air and restore the health of your home or facility.

Lead-Based Paint Remediation

A source of lead poisoning for both children and adults, lead-based paint has been found to impact both physical and neurological health. Depending upon your facility requirements, LEW Environmental’s lead-based paint remediation includes total lead paint removal, stabilization, enclosure or encapsulation. All containment and abatement services are designed to eliminate lead exposure and preserve the health of occupants, personnel and visitors.

Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos is present in many older buildings, causing a number of threatening health issues when left unaddressed. To safeguard occupants and ensure that your facility complies with health & safety codes, LEW Environmental environmental specialists offer efficient, cost-effective asbestos remediation that includes containment, removal and air purification. Our removal methods are among the most technologically advanced in the industry, and are designed to meet regulatory guidelines and decontaminate exposed areas.