Lead Based Paint Inspections for Hopewell Borough Landlords

Hopewell Borough has contracted with LEW Environmental Services as an option to assist you to get your rental property compliant. Borough records show that one or more of your rental units must undergo inspection for lead hazards in accordance with DCA’s recent regulation, N.J.A.C. 5:28A Lead-Based Paint Inspections in Rental Dwelling Units.

N.J.A.C. 5:28A Lead-Based Paint Inspections in Rental Dwelling Units 

The new regulation is commonly referred to as the Lead Safe Certification Act.

  • New Jersey requires lead paint testing for all non-exempt rental units built before 1978, at the next turnover, or by July 22, 2024.
  • Landlords must provide evidence of a lead-safe certification to tenants and shall affix a copy of such certification as an exhibit to the tenant’s lease.
  • The Lead-Safe Certification will be valid for a two-year period unless there is no tenant turnover. If there is no tenant turnover, then the Lead-Safe Certificate is good for three years.
  • A unit will not need to be re-inspected any more frequently, than once every two years.
  • Some properties are exempt from the new inspections; even some properties built before 1977. Learn more about exemptions here.
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Visual Inspections Hopewell Borough

Rental properties located in Hopewell Borough, New Jersey are required to undergo visual assessments for lead based paint hazards. So, the Borough has contracted with LEW Environmental Services to help get your rental properties compliant with the Lead Safe Certification Act.

Preparing For Your Visual Inspection

All of our inspectors are NJDCA certified and committed to cost-effective solutions for property owners. Our inspectors will come to your property and visually assess for signs of paint chipping and deterioration. If no deteriorated conditions are found then a Lead Safe certification will be issued. Lead Safe certificates are good for 3 years unless there is a tenant turnover after 2 years.

If deteriorated paint conditions are noted and the house is built pre-1978 then the presumption is that a lead hazard exists. Remediation may be required.

What Is Deteriorated Paint?

Per HUD guidelines, anything greater than a hairline crack or larger than a nail hole is considered deteriorated paint and will result in a lead safe certification NOT being issued.

Click below to access our Guide to Visual Inspections. Our free guide includes real example pictures from our inspectors to help you prepare.

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