Lead Inspection – 175 Davidson Road Piscataway, NJ – Mark – 2128

June 27, 2024 9:57 am

LEW will being with a HUD multifamily lead-based paint inspection of the units and common areas. Exteriors will not be inspected. Inspection will continue until lead-based paint is identified. If no lead-based paint is identified inside the units, we will perform only the HUD inspection of units and common areas and then issue an interior lead-based paint free certificate. If lead is identified in a dwelling unit, the HUD inspection will stop and we will begin to perform the NJ law visual inspections on only those components identified to contain lead-based paint in the original lead inspection performed by ATC. Those components are listed below

Dwelling units positives:
Metal window sills
Wood doors
Wood closet doors
Wood closet door casings
Wood closet shelf
Wood closet shelf supports

Common Areas:
Metal entry/exit doors

• Johnson Apartments – Block 12101, Lot 2.11 (all buildings)
• Marvin Apartments – Block 12301, Lot 7.01 (all buildings)
• Nichols Apartment – Block 12101, Lot 2.21 (all buildings)

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