Mold Solutions and Prevention

March 13, 2014 8:30 am

Mold is one of America’s most persistent household problems. It is a type of fungus that forms whenever a great amount of moisture is in the air. With a winter like the one we’re having, mold will more than likely be in our spring forecast. Getting rid of mold can be a grueling task to many, but few know that there are some great mold-busting substances in your own kitchen cupboard.

Please remember though, if you are facing a huge amount of mold, immediately contact professional services to do the job for you. LEW Environmental has a remediation team that can help and has been properly trained. Doing the job yourself can expose you to various dangers, add the fact that you may not have the expertise in doing it.

The first household item is bleach:

Popular in households as a cleaning and disinfecting detergent, it is also effective against mold. Spraying a non-porous surface with a concentrated amount of bleach and wiping thoroughly removes the spores and the stains. While using bleach, make sure to protect yourself and wear personal protection equipment (PPE) such as gloves to protect your hands to avoid skin problems given its corrosive nature and a mask due to the strong fumes.

The second household item is vinegar:

Due to its acidic properties, natural ingredients, and the fact that it is pretty harmless, vinegar is a great and effective mold removal substance. Don’t get turned off by its smell, mixing a concentrated amount of white vinegar with water in spray bottle can clean a significant amount of the affected and surrounding areas and can prevent future growth. Vinegar can kill off 82% of mold spores.

But how can you prevent mold growth? Remember mold only requires 24 hours to latch themselves and fester so doing things like checking your plumbing system and repairing, cleaning, and drying the surrounding areas or in the occurrences of spills/floods immediately drying the affected surfaces can help to prevent a bigger headache later.