Federal Lead Poisoning Prevention Funding 2014

January 17, 2014 10:36 am

This week funding for the CDC’s Leading Poisoning Prevention Program and  Federal Lead Poisoning Prevention funding saw an increase.  The House Omnibus Appropriations Bill, which will fund the federal government up to 9/30/2014, added $15 million dollars to reduce and prevent lead poisoning in children throughout the country.   This Bill takes 12 separate yearly spending bills and combines them into one larger bill.  This 1 trillion dollar spending bill has passed the House and passed overwhelmingly in the Senate.  What this means for those concerned about lead paint issues, is more money for programs that aim to reduce the amount of lead paint in homes and reduce the amount of lead poisoned children.  Additional money was allocated for  Healthy Homes initiative, weatherization, radon testing programs and asthma control programs.

In 2012 funding to the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program was severely reduced.  If this new bill passes funding will be restored back to a more reasonable level, and state and local programs will be able to protect the health of many more Americas.

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