NJ Mold Legislation, Bill A1588

November 21, 2013 8:22 am

Unlike lead paint, asbestos and radon, mold is one environmental problem that is not easily regulated. Mold is ubiquitous and is therefore all throughout our homes, offices and schools.  Mold is an allergen and some people experience severe symptoms at low levels while others experience little to no reaction at high levels.  This makes setting acceptable standards very difficult and perhaps explains one of the main reasons why there aren’t many state or local mold laws and why there are no federal mold laws or standards.

The fact that there aren’t any licenses or certifications needed to do mold remediation in NJ makes it so anyone can  say that they are a mold remediation specialist even if they have no experience or knowledge about what they’re doing.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene, many NJ residents found themselves spending thousands of dollars with who they thought was a reputable contractor only to see the mold return weeks later.

With these recent severe weather events as a backdrop, last week NJ Mold Legislation Bill A 1588 was referred to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee by the NJ Legislature.  This would set up clear procedures for mold inspection, remediation, identification and abatement in residential buildings and schools.   For now, this bill has not yet be signed into law, but most believe it is only a matter of time before New Jersey adopts this legislation.