Multifamily Apartment Owners and Managers Have You had Your Lead Paint Reevaluations?

November 1, 2013 1:23 pm

According to HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule (24 CRF 35.1355 (b)) Lead Paint Reevaluations are required at least every two years from the date of previous risk assessment or reevaluation, plus or minus 60 days.

As a value added to our clients, we wanted to let you know it may be time for your lead paint reevaluation. Recently, HUD has increased their enforcement actions against property owners. In the past year three of our large property owner clients have been audited for compliance by HUD.  How would you fair if HUD audited you tomorrow? It’s not too late to make sure you are complying with HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule.

Additionally, did you know that if a site passes two consecutive lead paint reevaluations, that site is exempt from having to perform future revaluations? If your site has already passed your first reevaluation, this is a huge incentive to have your second one performed without any delay. Think about the time and money that you and your company would save if you never had to worry about having another reevaluation done. Talk to a LEW Corp expert today to schedule your lead paint reevaluation.